KOWA at the China Seafood Expo

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In Qingdao, this Expo is only 3 days and the opening time is less than 24 hours;
In Dalian, Kowa people have worked at least three months for such a feast;
Fortunately, in only three days, KOWA still shows its efforts, strength and influence to its counterparts and visitors through its professionalism and quality.
Fortunately, even if it lasts for three months, all the results are worth it!
Because old friends can feel our progress through our booth design and products, thus increasing the confidence of cooperation; new friends have seen our strength and are lookingforward to the future!
Hello, Qingdao!
Chapter 1 Market
The China Fisheries &Seafood Expo is from November 7th to November 9th.
During this period, Kowa Foods received more than 1,000 groups of customers at home and abroad.
There are old friends from traditional channels such as Japan, South Korea, Europe and America as well as new partners from Australia and Central Asia.
Our customer include both traditional distributors,
and new channels to connect with new restaurants and new retails.
Kowa Foods is worthy of the leader of Chinese seaweed!
Kowa Foods is worthy of the leading brand of Chinese food!
Kowa Foods is worthy of being the world's leading food factory!
During the three-day exhibition, KOWA's booth has always been crowded. Customers from all over the world have not only conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the cooperation of products and service, many quality customers have also reached cooperation agreement with KOWA at the Expo. KOWA’s new concept of serving new catering and new retail with central kitchen project, six production lines, a total of eight categories, and more than 200 kinds of products are widely accepted and highly praised!
Chapter 2 Booth
Before the opening of this Expo, during our long preparation period, all our staff have been thinking about such a question:
What kind of booth image can represent KOWA?
What kind of texture, color, layout can attracting people's attention?
In the end, what kind of presence can make KOWA an outstanding, and an industry leader at the China International Fisheries Expo?
From the beginning to the confirmation, the designer developed no less than ten design drafts for the booth. Some designs continue the style of our previous sessions, and some completely overthrew the previous elements. Among these designers, there are old partners who have cooperated with us for years, and some top design teams from Japan and South Korea. However, after joint discussion, consideration and several amendments, the new image which integrates modern elements, Japanese wooden style, and unique architectural features, was finalize and appeared at the Qingdao International Expo Center.
On November 4th, our first batch of staff went to the site to prepare for the booth construction work, and the booth has already attracted dozens of brothers to come and inquire about the booth construction. During the three-day exhibition that began on the 7th, the towering spiritual fortress and the ceiling design hanging from the sky won a lot of points for our brand, attracting the attention of countless people.
High ceiling
A meeting area specially designed for customers reception, and exquisite flower decoration to enhance the atmosphere of the booth.
Green spiritual fortress
Well-conceived product display
Chapter 3 Products
The breakthroughs in products and continuous technology innovation are very important for a company and its brands. In the past years, KOWA has always been known as an export factory for seaweed products, but KOWA is not satisfied with this and continuously make breakthroughs in the types of products.
At the Qingdao Expo, KOWA's exhibits include a variety of seasoned foods, pastry & snacks, seasoning meat and vegetables for rice, breaded fries, fried rice & noodles, spicy seafood, sauces & dressing, leisure foods, raw materials and so forth. Among these exhibits there are seaweed salad, seafood fried noodles and fried rice which have won the French Monte Selection Awards, and also new contents including main dishes, well-known Chinese snacks and seafood collection.
From the feedback, traditional seasoned products are as popular as ever, and fried rice & noodles also received much attention. In addition, the frozen pastry and some raw materials are frequently consulted and discussed, and the newly developed sauces and seasoning meat and vegetables also received inquiries and discussion.
KOWA’s product development and production has always adhered to the basic principles which is diversification on products, balanced nutrition, back to simple, and product standardization. KOWA strives to be consumer-oriented and market-driven, and carries out production, creation and innovation in product category, function, production process and reduction methods. From the perspective of reduction method, our products are mainly divided into frozen products (defrost and ready-to-eat), prepared semi-finished products, raw materials, sauce &dressing, and ready-to-eat foods, which can meet the needs of different customers from all aspects.
At the same time, KOWA's products can also be customized as per clients’ needs, that is, if clients have their own standards on the raw materials, processes and product forms, KOWA can provide products and services that satisfies the clients.
Chapter 4 Central Kitchen
For China’s domestic food and beverage market, the central kitchen factory is not a new word. Many companies have their own central kitchen factory. However, as an export company, KOWA is the only one who builds a dual-system central kitchen factory serving both domestic catering and overseas trade purpose.
The products on the Qingdao Expo are mostly produced by KOWA’s own central kitchen (Seafood Style Central Kitchen). Everyone can feel the big production capacity advantages of KOWA’s Central Kitchen from its six production lines and the implementation of international standards. Meanwhile, as food safety issues are increasingly valued by people, KOWA, with 30 years of export experience, will serve the domestic catering market with the highest international food standards. This is our capacity and advantage.
On the other hand, the birth of the central kitchen is from the perspective of “convenience”. The biggest purpose of its existence is to provide convenient delivery for all the special dining channels, and it can be conveniently used at low cost. Because of the excellent performance and breakthrough of the central kitchen factory, many terminal customers from the new retail channels contact us for cooperation at the Expo.
Chapter 5 Service
Due to the increase in the exhibition area, KOWA dispatched 40 people. The number of staffs has also reached the highest level compared with the previous years. They are from international trading department, domestic sales team, and R&D department. The cost on the booth construction and travel are also the most expensive in history.
During the three-day exhibition, all the staff members brought the best service to the customers, regardless of physical fatigue, because KOWA is worth of it and our friends are worth it !
KOWA’s staffs demonstrate the preparation and application of some products on site
Time flies. We have been preparing for the three days for a long time and all the effort is worth it. After the exhibition, the Expo Replay Conference organized by the company's sales and operation department was also held. Chairman Liu Yong evaluated the work at the Expo and gave guidance for the next step. The professionalism, enthusiasm and service spirit of all staff members from the preparation till the end of the Expo should be fully applied in the future work. The new image and new projects of KOWA brand should be thoroughly promoted. 
With the completion of the Qingdao Expo, 2018 is also coming to the end. KOWA’s focus is on the comprehensive launch and promotion of the central kitchen factory project and serve the people of Dalian, promote Chinese food to the world, and aim at the international product standard, improve the product quality. KOWA FOODS will never stop its steps!

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